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Drako's Art Contest - February 2016

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Syles Doppelganger -…
by Syles -

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March 1, 2016

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Drako's Art Contest - January 2016

The latest winner is:
4 angry dragons -…
by Grawlee -…

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February 1, 2016

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Drako's Art Contest - December 2015

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January 1, 2016

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We need to talk...

Warning, bitchfest ahead, but first, I need you all to read this:…

First and foremost, to my fellow babyfurs...

Why is it that when people think of RF, they think of Babyfurs destroying the hotel?

They think we all just deposit our dirty diapers whereever the fuck we please, and/or smear their contents all over the walls...

That is just plain fucking SICK.

If you cannot dspose of your padding properly, then you need a caretaker who CAN.

Also, smearing that stuff all over the place is vandalism, and that's plain outright illegal.

Also, there are now complaints of all of us walking around in only diapers...(This is gonna be good)

While you were doing nothing illegal, it's still in bad taste to be running around in just your diapers.

Considering that our society has made it a norm to not run around in just undies...and diapers are a form of underwear.

(However, keep reading.)

As for you lot bitching about people in diapers (BTW, I saw him too, thanks to the pix, and he was wearing a top.)

In most countries, the legal mumbo jumbo about what is considered "street legal attire" literally boils down to this:

As long and the genitals, butt crack, and breast nipples are covered, its legal.

And the only countries I could find that have any more strict rules about attire not only have laws completely from some religious text, but FORCES that religion onto its citizens.

Only reason I know this is that I own a loincloth that literally only covers just my crotch, and like 20% of my ass.  And every cop I ever showed it to and asked about (even in SC) said it was perfectly legal to wear it in public.

I don't get why you bitch soooo much about diapers being oh so bad "because kids are there" but DON'T sue the shit out of Target, Sears, Fred Meyers, ect... For having posters of rather sexy men with 13 inch dicks showing off their bulges in just those tight underwear all over the damn stores...

Honestly, the diapers would be a a whole lot less revealing than those briefs.  So just because it's "different" you wanna bitch.

Oh wait, you think it's strictly something done as a fetish...

Well, thats a load of horse shit too.

Many babyfurs wear for the practical reasons of wearing, or we find it a lot more comfortable to wear.

So it's not strictly a fetish.

And, hell, it is still street legal...

Oh wait, maybe it has something to do with the fact that our socitey decided to frown on people running around in just their underwear based on a peice of text so old...

That it not only severely contradicts itself, but has major points within that VIOLATE the US Constitution.

(For instance, it is strictly enforced in this text that women are PROPERTY and have NO rights.. which is unconstitutional.)

Hell, I guess you never heard of the "naked guitar guy" in New York.

The man who stands on a street corner in just a speedo, underwear, and yes even a diaper once or twice...

Who has NEVER had any legal action taken against him, since everything was covered.

Now, I cannot say that I fully disagree with you on this.

Especially since our socitey does frown on people running around in public in just their underwear.

So honestly, I do agree that diapers should be treated as underwear, just as much as any other form of undies.

And in that regard, while it is techically "street legal" to wear underwear in public, if the hotel and the con have rules against running about in the public areas in just your underwear, then it is also against the rules to be in just a diaper.

(Prolly why you wouldn't catch me in public in only my diapers unless I was somehow given no other choice...)

Also, whoever was running around in public in a murrsuit, your bits are showing... and in my mind, that does qualify as nudity.

(If we can see your sheath, then its the same as seeing your actual cock.)

As for you that suggested this:

"a rule that says no fetish gear"

If you show up at ANY furcon with a collar, a tail, ears, a harness, a leather vest, chaps, or even a fursuit....

You need to be EJECTED from that con immedately for brandishing what is still very easily considered "fetish gear".

Hell, you may as well walk around in nothing but a 10 peice suit (business style) since someone might call your jean shorts "fetish wear".

We furries wear "fetish gear" in public, with little to no problems, on a regular basis.

Just to show off our furry side.

You people focus on what you don't consider the "norm" in a community that literally begs to question "what is normal?"

And expect to not get called out for the BS?

Sorry, but this kitten really thinks you are wrong in that thinking.

For heavens sake, you think you are PART ANIMAL!!!

(That's waaay not "normal")

But at the same time, you REFUSE to aknowledge one of RF's biggest issues this year:  SEVERE VANDALISM

Let's run down the list:

The hot tub was DESTROYED by someone jamming up the intake jets and BURNING out the motors.

Someone flooded their hotel room to the point where water damage caused leaks into the hotel staff offices, damaging equipment and electroncs.

There were lots of rooms almost completely demolished.

Someone started a fire in the hotel.

If it wasn't for con staff acting fast and limiting elevator usage, we would have overloaded and destroyed the ONLY working elevator.

There were other various furs breaking hotel and con rules.

And many other things that I have yet to hear about.

That's not taking into account the amount of "drunk in public" incidents (and other incidents) where furries (not babyfurs) were THREATENING the lives and safety of other furries.

This includes an incident where a drunk fur was directly threatening the con board.

This is where I have to make my point:

Vadalism is illegal

Causing damage to others or property that is not your own is also illegal.

Threating said damage is also illegal.

So now, it is time we crack down as a con.  We need to set clear rules of what is and is not acceptable, and ensure those rules match hotel rules as well.

But at the same time, it's time we started a ZERO TOLERANCE policy.

Do anything that breaks the rules once, and you are gone.

Keep it up, and we will ban your happy ass from ever coming back.

Also, if the hotel staff has to eject your happy ass, that will be an insta-ban from coming back.

Considering that the letter notes a tiny percantage of people were actually causing problems, we cannot pin it all on the babyfurs for once.  (Seattle is the babyfur capitol of the world for heavens sake.)

Also, we need more staff.

The poor con staff was too small to handle a con of this size.

So we can use as much help as we can get.

Well, that's the best I can come up with...

So I guess it's time to end my bitchfest.

I am dissappointed to hear that so much damage was done to the hotel this year, that we may end up losing our local con.

We need to respect our venue, because that grant us the priveledge to use their space, and can revoke that from us.

Your happy-go-lucky kitten will return shortly...

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Now that I have returned to Seattle, and have gotten myself into better shape.

It's about time I finally fully admit something most of you may already be aware about...

*prepares for the hailstorm*

I am a babyfur.

Yet, unlike some babyfurs that actually have younger frames, I retain the physical attributes of my actual age...
But I suffer from -- actually, i enjoy every second of a mental age regression that makes me have an outlook of life as if I were still 3.

So, you could say...
Drako the babyfur kitten...
Really 30, but acts like a very smart 3 year old...
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Drako's Art Contest - February 2016

The latest winner is:
Syles Doppelganger -…
by Syles -

This month's Nomination Theme:

This month's Voting Theme:

Nomination and Voting Deadline:  
March 1, 2016

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