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TNSC Art Contest - December 2014

Talk about being super late.  I'm running this update 14 days later than I should have...

The latest winners (in a tie) are:
:Commission: Cemetery Imp -…
by C.M. Hoskins -


Bad Dragon Halloween 2010 -…
by Narse -…

This Month's Nomination Theme:

This Month's Voting Theme:

Nomination and Voting Deadline:
January 1, 2014

Hurry on over to to Nominate Art and to Vote now!
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Kitty Logic Ferguson Special

I have started recording my Kitty Logic shows with a special regarding the sad events in Ferguson, MO - which is leading to a sad pattern of events and activities across the nation.

You can find the episode here:…

Now for those of you who would like the details behind the case:…

It also appears that Officer Wilson may see Federal Criminal charges for his conduct.…

My prayers go out to all those involved in this incident, and all those affected by the riots, looting, and destruction.
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30 years...

Time for me to review my life thus far...

This is merely a time of reflection...

I was raised up well by a kind and compassionate mother.
She taught me well:
All life is sacred
Everyone and everything should be respected
If anything is worth having, it is worth working for
Everyone deserves a second chance, for we all make mistakes

She protected me, so much so that I can be rather socially akward.

I never really got out into the world, never really made much of a mark for myself.
Sure I founded DWS and TNSC, and got into the Furry Fandom, but other than that, I really am not worth all that much.

I have made strides, and alays try to learn, grow, and become better from my mistakes.
That is something I have become good at, and been good about, learning from my past so that I may hopefully make myself a brighter future.

One mistake I made was leaving my mother when I did, to be with someone who "loved" me for my physique.

I did eventually learn what true love is supposed to be.
It's supposed to be based on care and compassion for each other.
True love is a love of compassion, not lust.
Love is also blind, it cares not about color, size, or gender.

I also have learned that once a heart decides to truly give itself away, and provide that true love to another, it may never end those feelings - no matter what.
There will always be that bond between those two, and it may lead to them seeking each other out.

My life had been rather boring.
I never really got out there so I really don't know all that much.
I was always the nerd off in the corner.
So it is still hard for me to hold a decent conversation about anything besides my work and my projects.

It's one reason why I've let others lead conversations, and if I had any input - I would let it out.
One reason why I always was the quiet one.

Then I found true love.
My true one and only.

I figure to this day, we would have still found one another, even if I never was with Steel.
I never really did anything too differently to have prefented it from happening.

And for 5 years, I was truly, really happy.
I tried my best to treat him well.
And I still want to be here for him, and to treat him well.
Better than I have treated him.

Drama had to arise.
It is a curse of large families and large groups like furries alike.

We both reacted poorly to the drama coming at us from both family and friends...
It led to a lot of arguments and fighting...

Fighting, simply because I wanted his love and affection... and I still do want it.

Of course this led to a series of mistakes, all of which I would much rather keep in the past from here on out.
But I learned from all of them.
I learned I can maintain HIS house on my own, if need be.
I learned how much I will always love and care for him, no matter what happens.

I learned how deeply rooted my promise to him has been:  A promise I always intend to keep
A promise that even now, in the solitude of his house - I am keeping.
A promise that he is well worth.

I do pray for a brighter future for us, and do have hopes of reuniting.

I have certainly learned the error of my own ways in all this.
And wish to prove that I can be a better person, and a much better mate than I was.

So here I am, on my 30th birthday, hoping I won't have to be alone in solitude forever.
But still I wait, I still keep my promises.

For one thing I learned is the power of a promise, and that it MUST be kept.

I love you, and hope I can last through this...
I pray I do not make the ultimate sacrifice...

And I thank you all for helping to make my life a decent one.
You all have helped me to be happy in one form or another.
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Should I find it odd that I am now hearing 3 completely different stories from at least 4 different people considering a single person's plans for their future?

Also, my friend up north is dealing with some issues.
Her son is shutting down mentally due to some things that have happened up there - which led to the police being involved.

Also, a lot of "negative" energy these past couple of years has been due to Mercury being in a strange retrograde phaze, which ends on the 25th of this month.

Yes, I still love and miss a certain wuffy.

My b-day is the 27th, if you want to get me something, now is the time.
Need ideas?  Check out my wishlist on my personal site:
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Curse of the Druid...

So, a few weeks ago, the house had been cleared up and cleansed.
There were some serious drak energy in play that is no longer here.

One of my friends, who used to live here, was helping me clean up the place.
He and I both were with Steeltael at one time or another, and we got to talking about him.

He made the notion that he couldnt handle Steel being as depressed and miserable as he was.
Then noted that he asked around and noone even knows what happened to him in the past couple of years.

I got to meditating and realized he was getting worse and worse after he broke up with me, which reminded me of what the Federation called "The Curse of the Druid"

It's a concept that explains why Druids mate for life.
Also reminded me of a memory from a past life when I was a druid (of which is where the Mewtwo in my sona comes from)

You see if Druids face a breakup, it was led to believe that suicide was the next step.
Apparently that didn't have to be the case.
On the Northstar, I had a Druid Engineer who lost his mate - The ship he was on was lost for several years.
He seemed to get over it, but sometime - about 4 years after the ship was lost - he just dropped dead for no apparent reason, right in the middle of his task.

Now I hear that the ship was found with the full crew, and his mate found out what happend (he wasn't a druid) and later comitted suicide.

So going back to this discussion with my friend.  I believe I know what may have happened to Steel, which is a sad thing to admit.

This memory, along with a new set of memories from yet another past life that have recently been unlocked, is now why I worry about Mixy.

Two lifetimes ago, he and I (as Tiernan Swiftclaw) were together, and it was my death that seperated us - before I could make a promise to him that apparently needed to be made.

My last life (as J-Mac Paul Carthage, the Druid), I could never see anyone else as anything but something there to "entertain" me.  I never found him before I was shot and killed.
Now this life, I know that Steel wasn't "the one" but feel Mixy is.  The one I was meant to be with.  The one I have spent 2 lifetimes trying to find and be with again.

So now, I live alone in HIS house.
(Sure this has been my home, but I will always consider it his house.)
Maintaining, cleaning, and repairing it so that it will be in better shape when he comes home.

And I pray that I can do what is right for him this time, so that he can come home - even if it means him kicking me out.

I love him so much, and I miss him dearly.

We really only had this one major issue, and while we were both at fault for what happened - the truth is, what we did were bad reactions to a bad situation that was being created by other people around us.

Sure I tried to run away, at least for a bit, but noone let me.
I ran because I really had no desire to do EXACTLY what I ended up doing to him.

I wanted - no I NEEDED - that space that noone (including him) would let me have: Just so I wouldn't have snapped on him like I ended up doing.  Just so I could have gotten over it on my own, and been able to come back and love him like I should.
And I feel guilty, even now, for the events that unfolded.

Now I cannot get over him (or the guilt), for that promise has been made - a promise I intend to keep.  That guilt will follow me into death, especially if he doesn't join me in Solitude.

I just pray he can come home.


Also, last call.
It is now 2 weeks to my birthday, and if you want to get something for me, you may want to do so ASAP to ensure it makes it to me by that day.
If you need ideas, check out my personal page for my own wishlist:
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TNSC Art Contest - December 2014

Talk about being super late.  I'm running this update 14 days later than I should have...

The latest winners (in a tie) are:
:Commission: Cemetery Imp -…
by C.M. Hoskins -


Bad Dragon Halloween 2010 -…
by Narse -…

This Month's Nomination Theme:

This Month's Voting Theme:

Nomination and Voting Deadline:
January 1, 2014

Hurry on over to to Nominate Art and to Vote now!
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