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You know, it's heartbreaking to be told you cannot go see a friend who you care about.

Not because the friend doesn't want to see you perse...
But because their parents have their own -agenda-
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TNSC Art Contest - January 2015

The latest winner is:
Happy Thanksgiving! -…
by Lionalliance -…

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Nomination and Voting Deadline:
February 1, 2015

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Joint Bank Accounts

In my personal opinion, joint bank accounts are generally a bad idea.

This is based on my own experiences and things I have witnessed throughout my life.

In some rare cases, they may be a good idea:
Like a parent setting up a savings account for their child for college or post high school plans.

However, in most cases, these joint accounts become a means of control.
The parent refuses to release the account to the child after they are grown and have PROVEN the ability to take care of themselves and their own finances.  (Giving the parent the ability to control the money, and take what they want out of it.)  [This is way wrong]

Or in the case of couples, one of the two ends up being the one in charge of the accounts.  Which ultimately gives this person control over their lover.  Wish is also wrong...

Parents need to be willing to let their grown children be themselves, and release the money that belongs to said child to the child.

Couples and families can share finances WITHOUT joint bank accounts.
Since Money is the #1 cause of family and relationship drama, it is better that each individual has their own account.

Aside from the money shared, each individual may have their own ideas on what to do with the money they bring into the household, and therefore should be allowed to do so.

It is easier, better, and stops a lot of drama.

I have a few prime examples:

1.  There was a kid where I grew up whose mother setup a college savings plan for their child.  This was fine and dandy, and worked out well because she released herself from the account on his 18th birthday.  This gave the kid all the money in the account, and she was unable to control him by holding onto the account.

2.  There is someone I know whose parent STILL refuses to release herself from his account.  He is well past 20 years old and doesn't even get full say of what he will do with his own income.  It has become a means of control, preventing him from being able to do much of anything.  He feels trapped, and is unhappy with his situation.

3.  I myself was "convinced" (coherced and/or forced) to be on a joint account with one of my mates (and parent) at one time.  However, my intention was to be equal with the money left over after bills with him - only to begin noticing money being transferred from the account into another account in the same bank.  Putting me into a situation where I was more or less forced to be in control of the money a bit tighter than I would have been normally.

4.  In all my relationships, a joint account caused more drama than it was worth.  Things were much easier and the relationship much better when the accounts were seperated.

On a unrelated note:
Thanks to neighbors using my backyard for their kids, I may now commit suicide by trampolene.

I still miss and love a wuffy...
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TNSC Art Contest - December 2014

Talk about being super late.  I'm running this update 14 days later than I should have...

The latest winners (in a tie) are:
:Commission: Cemetery Imp -…
by C.M. Hoskins -


Bad Dragon Halloween 2010 -…
by Narse -…

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January 1, 2014

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Kitty Logic Ferguson Special

I have started recording my Kitty Logic shows with a special regarding the sad events in Ferguson, MO - which is leading to a sad pattern of events and activities across the nation.

You can find the episode here:…

Now for those of you who would like the details behind the case:…

It also appears that Officer Wilson may see Federal Criminal charges for his conduct.…

My prayers go out to all those involved in this incident, and all those affected by the riots, looting, and destruction.
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You know, it's heartbreaking to be told you cannot go see a friend who you care about.

Not because the friend doesn't want to see you perse...
But because their parents have their own -agenda-
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